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About 12,5 miles southeast of Trondheim, we find Klæbu, an idyllic village of approx. 6000 inhabitants, expanded cultural facilities and ample opportunities for hunting, fishing and outdoor activities.
From ancient times the village was best known for Hallsetheimen, a central institution for the mentally retarded. Notably, this was one of the biggest employers in the area.
Apart from this institution you will also find  significant elements of land-based primary industries. As you probably allready have concluded, Klæbu is situared in the rural country.Consequently life in the village had been largely spared both pervasive change and radical events. But things were soon to change ......

In Klæbu there  was to be found a group of young-and-coming men, wich barely avoided the clammy grip of sports and athletics. Sports and games had - without putting the sport in a negative light - always had it's solid grip on the rising generations in the parish. But among these aforementioned young men was the motorcycle and mechanical interest that ruled. Then, after a very long and wet New Year's 82/83, the idea of  Sprengstart MC was both conceived and born. Unlimited courage and great amounts of private initiative resulted quickly in the club's first abode, a privately owned, dilapidated abandoned house by "Hyttfossen" in Klæbu. Both  hammer and saw were wielded. The house came into shape, providing the club with the conditions necessary to run a motorcycle club. Workshop, bar and members facillities came quickly into place, and the house was frequently used for both everyday and festive occasions. The standard of this could at  best be described as "shabby but functional", but both brotherhood and goodtimes made up for this- by a wide margin. Meanwhile, the desire for their own and better facilities were still both constant and burning. Then, when a member, in the upper weight class crashed through the floor, 2 to 1st floor, that need could no longer be ignored and the hunt was on..

(In the Photo link on our pages is a series of photos from the club's early days. See "Hyttfossen, 80 - the number")




The result of this hunt was NIDENG, an elegant and serene lot with forest on all sides. The club went to the purchase of 15 Moelven Barracks, which was mounted and used as a workshop. Local goodwill resulted also in the farmhouse on the property being restored and used for various social activities. Development / improvement of the premises have also been more or less continuous, and the latest addition in the total building stock was completed in 2000. Status pr. Today is a very complete and easy powered clubhouse, including all the comforts one could wish for, as the requirement of these seem to increases proportionally with age.





As natural consequence of NIDENG’S coming into shape as a suitable place for SMC. The urge to own both land and buildings emerged with full force soon after millennium. As soon as this idea was launched, the earlier mentioned local goodwill seemed to vanish as if  by magic. The dialogue between the club and the public sector went into a somewhat more strained phase. To say the least.
A quote from the former property manager in the municipality during an inspection of the club emphasizes this claim.

Using  the following phrase to describe the club and its representatives: "You are all a bunch of damned goblins." The author behind this quote also had  aims to shut down the club

by referring to various laws and regulations. But with a little assistance from a lawyer. It didn’t take long before it became obvious that this particular beaurocrat was in way over his head both professionally and legally. Many would

probably describe him as an incompetent little bugger. In retrospect, it has been heard that this "Don Quixote" from the local zoning board was last seen scampering out the back door with his tail between his legs, possibly to prey on other and less enduring windmills. But the battle continued, and after about 6 years of a lot of back and forth, SMC could finally sign the purchase contract in 2007. NIDENG is OURS!

(For pictures. See "NIDENG project")


Membership in the SMC has – as in most other clubs - varied a bit throughout the years. Some have come to stay, while others have hung their vest on the hook, yet more have "visited" in the shorter or longer periods. Established fellow bikers who have been ready for some environmental changes have also been known to knock on our door at SMC. There has actually been quite a positive development from
90 – until today. To illustrate the scope and continuity of this, we have chosen to lay out a graphical representation of each individual's tenure as a full member of the club. The graph provides a useful overview of  theinflow of members of the SMC. (Click for larger image below) pictures of each member can be found in the Member link on the front page.





The club consists. today of 18 members. Common to these is a fervent interest in the construction, reconstruction, maintenance, and last but not least, the use of American motorcycles.
Sprengstart’s bikes are renowned for taking both ambitious and numerous  prizes at the various exhibition events, and a good number of bikes have also been presented in various other forums of the media. The club is also represented at both hillclimbing and the local drag race meets. Tours and Ralleys are also both activities that are conducted in great style. Not only do the bikes look great, they run as well!!!!!!!!!




In conclusion, it is perhaps time for an ever so little explanation ofn the club name. It must be said that in the club's tender childhood the standard of their bikes were not entirely in accordance with either vehicle regulations or the manufacturers' intention of use.
When there's only a small and burnt out area where the start button once was, and the kick was last seen lying in a ditch between Dombås and Klæbu, it is no secret  that there is now only one way to get  the motorcycle fired up and running ............






Rally 2006 (Biker-Journalen)

For 9 consecutive years, in early August, more specifically from 03.08.-06.08.
 Sprengstart MC has arranged their annual Ralley at the clubhouse in Nideng.

The event has gradually evolved to become one of the biggest biker Rallies in the Trøndelag region. With  more than 300 participants this year. The weather conditions, facillities, participants and the music have of course been very variable throughout the years, but the common denominator for all of these Rallies can all be summed up with a great party factor and on a scale from one to ten they have hit 11, at least…( these data are of course obtained from reliable sources within the biker community having consumed only moderate amounts of drinks…)
As earlier mentioned mentioned , this was therefore the 9th Rally for them in a row. In this article we will look a little closer into the different activities at the Rally, partly because of the urgent need for attention, partly to help maintain the collective memory within the club. And externally, for that matter.

Charity Run

This is a tradition that has followed the event the last 5 years. In brief, all participants pay a set amount and then  cruise in a pack following a set route, eventually ending up at the town square in the city of Trondheim. Here there is a raffle based on the entry tickets where
prizes from our sponsors are awarded, as well as a solemn presentation of profit and income from the CR is donated  to a charitable organization. This year the choice fell on the Salvation Army, which was very well received among the uniformed delegation.
New this year was that CR was held on Thursday instead of Saturday. Because of this there was, naturally quite a bit of anxiety a head of the cruise in terms of support, but this proved to be totally unfounded. As participants numbered around 160 motorcycles.
As organizer of the charity criuse this year, Jarle had set up a deal with the St. Olav Festival which, among other things gave the CR-participants free admission to the evening's concert with, quote:  ’ a busker from Namsos hardly capable of  carrying a tune’ un quote. Thereof Åge Aleksandersen.

Once again representatives of the local press were duly noted for their absence, as they were nowhere to be seen. The author once again finds it intruiging that the abbreviation MC (bikers) only seem to spark an interest when there is something negative to say…

Sports and games

Saturday afternoon the stage was set for various sports activities. Funnel Soccer Tournament has over the years become a fixed segment at the rally. This is soccer played by the best means possible when looking through funnel glasses and wearing hearing protaction ( as punishment for bad sportsmanship) .
 Rules and regulations in this game are adopted / changed / adapted by the judge, who also is one of those few who can claim total soccer academic illiteracy.
For the first time this year, there was  launched a more horizontal form of bungeejump. Here with good help from the guys in Fomle MC. Because this was a test branch this year, There were no proclaimed  winners of this competition.
 The club expects to have a somewhat more structured ranking system next year. It is recommended to show up in good time for registration and possibly with a change of clothes, - this became a very wet session.
Both footballers and bungee actors recieved excellent cheers / moral support from a dozen loud cheerleaders placed on the left side of the field.


As tradition has it, the members responsible for the music put their heads together to cook up a varied assortment of musicians an genres.
After allot of hard work and extensive use of the mobile phones the music was finally booked. The disappointment was great, however, when one of the main attractions (Highland Glory) seemed to have broken a nailand had to withdraw at the last minute. Friday evening was saved by a couple of guitar buddies with irregular gait and great optimism (Pub Te Pub).
 Saturday featured Per Borten (ex Cadillac) on stage with his latest band project, Moving Ooz. The band delivered the goods to such a  degree that it was hard to let them go.
The next band out was Nullskattesnylterne. This bunch came through with their honor intact, to say the least.
 Inside the stage was set for a progressive experience of dimensions, Here it was the band Feet Punk that were in the fire. "Blowing the roof off the house and tearing the walls of the foundations" would probably be the most adequate description of this band. High-octane punk on overdrive tore the wax out of the ears from most listeners, --One hell of a good time!! In fact, so much fun that everyone's beloved Roger R. from the host club decided to give the concept stage diving a whole new meaning. Instead of a controlled swallow dive from the edge of the stage. He took off from the bar at a running start, only to launch  himself at full trottle ONTO the stage. There was a true chaos of arms and legs, cymbals and stands in approx. half a minute,

but both equipment and Stagediver were quickly raised into  vertical positions again, and all was set to keep on rocking.

Prizes Awarded

Sprengstart MC hve, like other clubs, made it a tradition to award out various prizes to the participants of the rally that in made their mark in some way or other during the weekend.
Longest run this year went to Kjell from the Legacy Vets.
Sleipner MC (with the help of a Member from Rattlesnake MC) won the "funnel football” and the hand made trophy was eagerly accepted.
 Last but not least, the jury had been appointed  the difficult task of finding a worthy candidate for "most heard" - award. This was not an easy task, as there were so many worthy candidates to choose from. It finally came down between a young lady whom had enjoyed a somewhat loudly immodest session of lovemaking in one of the tents on Saturday morning and a otherwise demure and modest Romsdaling named Vidar. The latter was also awarded the award because the bashfull young lover possibly did not want attention in connection with the Saturday number.


A successful Rally with many different elements, cold beer, rock `n roll, great and fun people, and last but not least, the sun came trough on from Thursday to Sunday. So if one is looking for a great time at the beginning of August next year, we encourage both new and old bikers to swing by Trøndelag and Sprengstart MC. After all, it’s the participants who ultimately create the great atmosphere and wild times at the rally. See `ya 2007.





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